DamiAn: The "A" Stands for Antichrist!

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Hi, I’m Damian, and I’m the Antichrist. I don’t really like to call myself that, but hey, life gives you lemons and you bring on the Apocalypse, right? I’ve chosen the very talented Charles A. Grey to tell my somewhat fictional story in the way he does best, speculatively. You’ll be able to read along here as he writes the books, yes it’s yet another trilogy.

You’ll experience the highs and lows I have experienced in my relatively short time on this Earth, leading up to the eventual Holiest of Wars for our World fought between the Angels and the Demons.

Little do they know I have a few tricks up my sleeve to save us all…

Where Will This Grand Adventure Take Us?

As I mentioned above, Charles is planning a trilogy of novellas to tell my story in full, however fictional it may not will have been. Here’s an outline of that path… 

Book One: What's A Boy To Do?

The first book is an introduction to my World as I see it, and my grandiose place within it. It's basically an epic love story, awwww...

Book Two: The Boy Who Sold The World

Book Two details how I avoid having to rule the World for two years by selling it to the highest available bidder. Mr. Musk?

Book Three: War What Is It Good For?

I'll reveal this much right now, the Holiest of Wars is basically good for killing off a bunch of Angels and Demons. Take that, cunts!

Follow Along With Me

Here you’ll have the chance to follow along with me as my story is interpreted by Mr. Grey, in the only way he knows best, speculatively. That basically means this whole endeavor is a metaphor for my life as I have lived it or will have been living it, which may or may not be as it is depicted in the books. You choose what to believe…

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Under this license you are legally able to adapt it however you would like, although the Author would prefer that it would be a serial cartoon on a popular streaming service.
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